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Badass Tattoos For Women

Sunday, January 5, 2014 Category: Tattoo Ideas, Badass Tattoos For Women.
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It is a dream for many people to have badass tattoo. What is badass tattoo? This tattoo is not the typical of tribal tattoo designs or scary barbed wire tattoos. Badass tattoo is much more than that. It is not merely symbol on your skin but also the art product from your tattoo artist. There are many ideas on badass tattoos for women. The tattoo covers any topic and symbolism. You can have the option to design the tattoo by your own or let the tattoo artist to work with their magic.

badass tattoos for women 02 203x300 Badass Tattoos For Women

The first thing which you should know about badass tattoos for women is this tattoo design is not suitable for everyone. It all depends on you whether the tattoo design is suitable for you or not. The tattoo cannot go wrong with you as long as it matches your unique personality. Your tattoo should be something which you do not mind having on your body for lifetime duration. The options are unlimited so you can determine the tattoo design according to your need and preference.

Badass Tattoo Designs 244x300 Badass Tattoos For Women

Badass Tattoo Designs

Here are some recommendations on badass tattoos for women. You might want to get the Evil Eye Watches. This wonderful badass tattoo is involving numerous shades of black and gray. The tattoo symbolizes that people should keep away. The design is suitable for girls who love challenges. It matches the theme of the evil eye and darkness in the tattoo. You might also use unknown theme. This unknown theme symbolizes mystery. The wearer commonly wants everyone to solve the mystery. Use colors and unusual design to draw attention.

Another option on badass tattoos for women is Jungle Glory. This design will be good for hip area. Your hip can display the beauty of jungle in its mixture of colors and shapes. The tattoo design is involving undergrowth and bright orange mushrooms. For people who love animal, they should consider using animal as basic pattern. One of the most favorite animals among many women is deer. The deer art commonly has simple lines. The artist has shown the majestic stance of the deer with just gray sketch style drawing and a few splashes of red. The overall effect is very exotic.

Badass Tattoos 217x300 Badass Tattoos For Women

Badass Tattoos

Musical lover can use music theme as badass tattoos for women. People who love punk and jazz can use the combination of the music as the tattoo theme. Use the bright color and juxtaposition of different images. The combination will make it new wave piece of hip hop art. If you love anime, you might want to use your favorite anime character as tattoo. This idea is quite rare since not all people love anime long enough to use the character as the tattoo.

badass tattoos for women 03 Badass Tattoos For Women

If you are planning to create badass tattoos for women, you are recommended to work together with your tattoo artist. It is important for you to be certain at the design before inking it on your skin. Another thing to remember in getting badass tattoos for women is you need to be confident enough to pull off the design.

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Badass Tattoos

Badass Tattoos

Badass Tattoo Designs

Badass Tattoo Designs

Gallery of Badass Tattoos For Women

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Badass Tattoo DesignsBadass Tattoos

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